Piaggio / Focke-Wulf
Piggio P 149D of MFG 3

Piaggio's P 149 had it's maiden flight in 1953 and was designed as a five-seat multipurpose aircraft. It was demonstrated to German Military Officials at Bonn in 1955 and impressed them with it's fully aerobatic capabilities and that it was hard to stall. As a consequence, an order for a total of 270 airlanes was signed. 194 of these aircraft were to be built under licence by Focke-Wulf, while BMW produced the needed Lycoming engines.
Delivery of the P 149D to the Flugzeugführerschule "S" began in mai 1957. 12 of these aircraft were transferred to the Marineflieger and served as training-, light transport and liaison aircraft.
Four airframes went to MFG 5, two served as station hacks with MFG 2 and another six aircraft were owned by Nordholz based MFG 3. All of these aircraft were built by Focke-Wulf at Bremen.
P 149D served in the German military till 1990, with JaboG 49. Since then civil registred "Piggis" continue to fly with the Sprotfliegergruppen at several German Airbases.

One of four Piaggios of MFG 5

Technical data:
Wingspan           : 11,12m
Length             :  8,52m
Height             :  2,85m
Weight empty       :  1160kg
max. Takeoff Weight:  1650kg
max. Speed         :  280km/h
Range              : 1050km
Serviceceiling     :15000ft
Lycoming Go-435-C2
Thrust             : 354kW
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