C.54 Pembroke
Pembroke in early natural metal finish

The Percival P-66 Pembroke was taken aloft for the first time on 21st november 1954. A bit more than two years later, the German Department of Defence placed an order for 34 Pembrokes, which were to equip all three branches.
It took until 1959, for the aircraft to be delivered. The Luftwaffe received 25 airplanes, the Heeresflieger three and six went to the Marineflieger.
Navy Pembrokes exclusively equipped the Seenotstaffel (later MFG 5) based at Kiel and were used in the Search and Rescue role primarily. Besides assisting the Albatross flying boats, Pembrokes were used as transport and liaison aircraft.

Three of MFG 5's Pembrokes lined up
The arrival of the potent Sikorsky SH-34G helicopter in the mid 60s, meant a relieve in the SAR role for the Pembrokes. They were now mainly utilized as transport aircraft, a role they fullfilled until their disbandment from naval service in 1972. Successor of the reliable Pembroke was the new Dornier Do 28D-2 Skyservant.
Percival Pembroke of MFG 5 in late paintsheme

(all pictures taken from: F-40 #19 "Hunting Percival Pembroke")

Technical data:

Wingspan           : 19,70m
Length             : 14,00m
Height             :  4,90m
Weight empty       :  4400kg
max. Takeoff Weight:  5900kg
max. Speed         :  355km/h
Range              : 1850km
Serviceceiling     :20000ft
Alvis Leonides Mk. 12-701
Thrust             : 748kW
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