Do 228-212 LM/LT
The first Oil-Do delivered to MFG 3

(taken from: "Die deutschen Marineflieger", Motorbuch Verlag)

The Dornier Do 228 is the newest Airplane in German Naval Service. And though only small in numbers, it symbolizes the changing role of the German Navy.
It was introduced in 1991 as a supplement to the existing two Do 28D-2 OU of MFG 5. These elderly aircraft seved in the role of environment patrol in both North- and Baltic-Sea. Only a single Do 228-212 LM was in use with MFG 5 and carried the registration 57+01.

In september 1994 all fixed-wing aircraft of MFG 5 were handed over to MFG 3 "Graf Zeppelin" based at Nordholz. After retirement of the Do 28, the german Navy had a lack of transport capabilities. The gap was closed in 1996 with the arrival of two Do 288-212 LT (Lufttransport), which were registrated as 57+02 and 57+03.
A fourth aircraft followed in 1998, this time a second oil-hunter, registrated 57+04. This particular aircraft had improved engines and navigation systems.
Transport version Do 228-212 LT

(taken from: unknown Internet source)

The Do 228-212 LM variants carry a large assortment of very sophisticated electronics, in order to detect maritime pollution. Systems include SLAR (Side Looking Airborne Radar), Infrared, Laser- and Ultraviolett Sensors, Microwaveradiometers, and a system to take aerial samples while flying. Furthermore, the aircrafts position can be traced on a digitized map. Aircraft's crew consists of  three-man.
The transport version can carry up to 20 passengers and has a two-man crew.
Second Oil-Hunter from Nordholz (Do 228-212 LM)

(taken from: "Die deutschen Marineflieger", Motorbuch Verlag)

Technical data:

Wingspan           : 16,97m
Length             : 16,55m
Height             :  4,86m
Weight empty       :  3698kg
max. Takeoff Weight:  6600kg
max. Speed         : 434km/h
Range              :  2800km
Serviceceiling     : 27000ft
Garret TPE 331-5A / -10A
Thrust             : 574kW
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